Runescape community improvement and Runescape account security measures

Now, we want to have a retrospect on Runescape community and some measures to protect Runescape account safe.

Jagex is going to do more blogs and live Q&As to clarify some distinguish disciplines that many players has asked before and some question that be asked frequently. This improvement is proceeding to settle unanswered question for players and get more feedback from rs player. There will be Behind the Scene videos announced for game updates as an expectation that all players with Runescape account could be excited about new year’s decision, and give more thoughts and ideas early.

As for measures to protect Runescape account safe, at least 1000 Runescape accounts are banned for botting and tons of illegitimate trial cheap Runescape accounts. However, this is a really tough frustrated work for Jagex to build a friendly fair game world for all players.

However, Jagex will continue to make this project as a main work in 2013 as a fact that few players are botting now in game. What’s enraging is that this improvement was destroyed by the sizable increase in gold farming bots Jagex will also be adding a parallel strategy to related illicit RWT activities and specifically target gold farmers. We hope free-to-players buy Runescape accounts from trustworthy website and don’t sell runescape acc to untrustworthy person or website to ensure the harmony of Runescape.

Desert Tasks for players with paid Runescape accounts


In accordance with player’s feedback, a new task will be released for members who pay Runescape accounts and commit to the development of Runescape, which is based in the sand-blasted splendour of the Kharidian Desert.

This is a good opportunities to add a new piece to hard-earned Task gear collection and rack up some indispensable high-level rewards for old-school experienced players of the Achievement Diaries. It is also considered to be a golden chance for beginners who just create new cheap Runescape accounts to discover the amazing content out there in Gielinor’s arid lands, and it is possible for all players to pick up some sweet rewards in the process.

There are 43 new Tasks in these Desert Task series, splitting into easy, medium, hard and elite categories and cover with full breadth of the desert’s adventuring prospects, which range from such humble undertakings as dancing with the troubadours outside the Citharede Abbey or catching a golden warbler, slaying a desert strykewyrm by being equipped with a fully charged slayer helm and ancient staff or right up to heroic feats such as achieving every achievement within the Dominion Tower.

You will earn the Dersert Amulet if you succeed completing the Easy Tasks, which is upgraded with each consecutive tier of Tasks. And you can increase the the amulet’s stats with the increase of each upgrade and adds handy functions to it, which contain unlimited teleports to Nardah, the ability to create a quota of molten glass each day only from soda ash and reduced failure on the Agility Pyramid, as long as you’re within the desert.

There’s a decent amount of rewards beside the amulet, all of which apply permanently when completed the requisite tier of Tasks. More rewards include access to an sandstone rock and additional teak tree; a daily free supply of potato cacti; discounts at the Mage Training Arena’s pizazz store and the opportunity to upgrade the stats of your ancient staff. What’s more, you are able to get lamps filled of glorious XP with each tier that you complete – up to a whopping 160,000 XP for the Elite tier.

So why not grasp this precious chance to buy Ruenscape accounts to top up your waterskin, dust off your desert gear, and bask in the oasis of Task-finishing fulfillment? There are many cheap Runescape accounts on Buyrsaccount, and you can earn a fair amount of money by Ruenscape accounts selling if you completed these tasks and gained all the rewards.

Was Pathfinder Online Right to Ask Backers to Recruit More Players?

Pathfinder Online player recruitment right or wrong?

Pathfinder Online is one of the more intriguing mmo games currently in development. Its mixture of sandbox and theme park mmo features should make for some fascinating gameplay, and I have an interest in the game as that I’m familiar with the pen-and-paper roleplaying game that the online rpg is based upon. The success of the Pathfinder tabletop rpg has been miraculous as it has outsold Dungeons and Dragons in recent years, an amazing feat in of itself. While the game is still in its early testing stages, a cry was sent out by Ryan Dancey, the CEO of Goblinworks, for current players to actively go out and recruit additional players on top of the financial backing that they’re already providing. Was Pathfinder Online right to ask backers to recruit more players?

This call to increase current Pathfinder Online recruitment went out a few weeks ago. Ryan Dancey asked players to go to various gaming websites, some sub-reddits, and the EVE Online community to find and recruit more players to join the game. The specific reason was that settlement recruiting activities was essentially non-existent. The player-created settlements are one of the core features of the game as they can expand over time depending upon how active its members are and how many are involved.

Pathfinder Online character

The result from the current Pathfinder Online players was mixed. Some were quite happy to extol the virtues of the game, and they want to bring in other players to help create something new. Other players were more reticent, feeling that the time was not yet right as the game is still early on in development. One poster said, “Ryan, I think that most of us are just barely reaching the stage where we are willing to try to bring anyone into this game who isn’t already interested. I love that you are so directly engaged with us, and open to what we have to say, and Pathfinder Online is improving at a phenomenal rate, but there have been a lot of things that were embarrassing, and for many it still isn’t mvp (minimally viable product).” So which side is right?

On one hand, I see nothing wrong with players asked to go out and find others to join them. Every great mmorpg is built upon a strong community, and the sandbox elements of Pathfinder Online should ensure that committed players will be attracted to the game. While some may argue that Goblinworks is asking players to mount a marketing campaign of their own (something that those players feel that Goblinworks should be doing instead), I would counter that there is no greater ambassador for an online game than an enthusiastic player. With YouTube videos and Twitch livestreams, gamers today have far more ability to go out and reach other players and entice them into playing their chosen game. Another consideration is that if Pathfinder Online recruitment is taken over by the players, that frees the company up to devote its resources to making the game even better.

However, there are some powerful arguments against the mmo asking players to go out and beef up the Pathfinder Online player numbers. The first is that of cost. If the game was free-to-play, then luring additional players would be no hassle at all. The rub is that the game currently charges a $15 a month subscription fee to play. This is a pretty big pill for most gamers to swallow in this day and age. Most mmo games are f2p nowadays, with only a few charging a subscription fee. Few are the gamers that would be willing to pony up fifteen bucks a month to play a game that’s still being developed.

Another anti-Pathfinder Online recruitment drive argument is that Goblinworks does not have a firm grip on the numbers. One poster asked about how many buddy keys had been handed out, and whether those keys have led to a purchase or subscription, as well as if the number of new subscriptions is more or less than the number of prepaid accounts that are expiring. The reply from Ryan Dancey was, ” I am somewhat chagrined to say that I don’t have those numbers. They are all being tracked but we have not written an analysis tool to review them yet. This is actually a pretty large issue – there are a lot of analytics that we should have but don’t have because I would rather invest team resources in features and polish than in analysis. Realistically, nothing that analysis would tell us would really impact any decisions anyway. We would be doing the Buddy Trial system even if zero percent of the trials converted.”

Pathfinder Online combat

To me, going out and recruiting more players is of little value if their analytics are not going to be compiled and studied. One may get the impression that the mmo is just looking for more paying customers to help fund their continued development. Please note that I’m not saying that this is the case. However, if the company does need additional funds to keep development going, then they should freely communicate that to their backers. Quite a few players have dropped a lot of money on the game already, and the mmo does have a $1000 platinum account option available for purchase in their cash shop, not to mention their $5000 tavern owner option.

In the end, my gut feeling of asking for current players to go out and actively recruit more players is not the best idea at the current time. The game has a lot to offer and some great features, but I just can’t get past the fact that one has to pay a subscription fee for an unfinished game. When you add in the fact that they’re not even analyzing the data that they’re gathering, then it seems to be premature to go out and attempt to wrestle up a bunch of new players. Perhaps if the mmo offered a free month of two of playing time as a lure to grab more players (and I would accept that those new players would have to get a buddy key from a current backer of the game) and allow them to see what the game has to offer, then I would be more amenable to a Pathfinder Online recruitment drive. For the current time, I would have to vote against it though.

EQ Ragefire PRE Launch Class Survey Results

I haven’t started my adventures on the EQ progression server but wholly expect to this weekend. It is probably a good thing as well due to the slate of problems – the funniest of which, is a full server. For a 1999 game that still requires a subscription. Goes to show the strength of nostalgia.

I am still struggling with class choice – do I do something fully new and have a new adventure? Pick a class I am comfortable with so I don’t have to relearn everything? I enjoy playing most class styles and types but due to limited play times I do not get the benefit of working on several characters. This is why I fully appreciate MMOs that let you have one character and try different roles. Unfortunately, EQ is the furthest thing from that. Also, due to the extra, super slow leveling experience (yes, the extra extra emphasis is necessary) if I am going to have any fun and make any friends in game I am going to have to pick one and just go with it.

While pondering what to play I came across this survey conducted by a community member (totalimmortal) that statistically is +/-5% accurate (~400 respondents) which provides all sort of interesting information categorized in interesting ways. Including class, race, age, playtime, timezones, if they have a significant other and if that significant other supports their EQ progression server participation (I kid you not). Cool graphs and what not follow, taken directly from the link.

I am surprised cleric is so high and same with enchanter – I never recalled the latter being a top class. I wonder how much of these responses are “what I think the server will need/want” versus “what I want”.

Humans playing humans online. How boring! Gamers and their comfort zones. Put a tail on the Half Elf and I bet that shoots near the top. The only surprise for me here is that Erudite is so low, as they are the best magic casting human class and with Enchanter so high as a class choice I expected that to also be reflected. I do suppose that the Monk also impacts the human statistic since monks are human only.

There are a ton of other neat stats there so I encourage you to go visit. Here is my favorite insight though:

With this news, that almost half of the entire interested population is going to leave sometime after TSS, which makes me wonder if they should ever get there. Still, that is 12 (I think?) expansions in. That will take some time to get to. As mentioned prior I love learning about class/race combos and stats and do believe all MMO companies should be forthright with that information. This isn’t post launch information but is still helpful for me to frame my own mind about who will be out in the EverQuest world.

After much thought I know that I will end up soloing a lot, so I need to lean towards a class that can do that well. That makes me lean magician, druid, or enchanter. Bards used to be decent soloists but here is the other problem – I don’t even really remember and updated 1999 information isn’t really a thing. I’ll have to Google Fu. Enchanters are always wanted in groups and I can be a Gnome which I am leaning towards heavily. Of course, I could just roll a Ranger because Wilhelm feels so strongly about them.

In the meantime, bring on the data. Hopefully by the time I figure out a class this weekend the servers will be both online and accessible.

World of Warcraft’s Warlords of Draenor is launching by December 20th


Just yesterday, World of Warcraft gave everyone a look at just how important reaching the level cap could be. Today, the game is opening up independent level 90 boosts for everyone via the in-game store, and they’re still priced at $60 a pop. It’s bad news if you have an army of alts you want to speed along to the level cap, but it’s good news if you have that army of alts and more money than you know what to do with. A tutorial video is embedded just past the break to show you how to make use of this feature. Even if you’re not up for buying one of the boosts, you might be looking forward to getting one along with your purchase of Warlords of Draenor. Cheap wow power. So when’s that expansion actually coming out? According to the official site, it will be releasing on or before December 20th of this year, which means it’s definitely coming out this year but leaves the field wide open in terms of when. Keep your eyes peeled for rollbacks on that date, as it’s more likely that the expansion will be out long before the end of the year.

See World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor in action


We’ve got not one, not two, but three preview videos of World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion, Warlords of Draenor, for you Azeroth fanatics to watch today. MMO-Champion posted the videos today from a Blizzard press tour in Korea.Cheap wow power. The three videos take you on a journey with an Orc Warrior being boosted to level 90 on the Timeless Isle and a tour through several different zones in the expansion including Shadowmoon Valley. The videos have a few interesting details to glean, including new talents, new grass animations, a toggle for the new character models, and improved map navigation.

How to Make Your Runescape Account More Secure and Get Unbanned?


Recently, some players ask on forum about how to get account unbanned. We do understand that every player thinks highly about his hard labors and worries about the secure issue. Thus, Gold4fans provides some tips about account appealing here and hope that can help players get back their accounts.

What Will Make RS Account Get Banned?

There are many elements that may lead to account banned, among which macro use (bot), illegal gold farming, and getting hacked seem more common. All players gain rewards by hard working. Thus, it is essential for players to know about some frauds on internet and some tips to keep their account safe. Except for these, safe osrs gold is another important element to ensure security.

How to Avoid Being Banned?

1. Follow the RuneScape Rules, never bot and never follow shady people to strange websites, they will probably try to hack you.

2. Get JAG (Jagex account guardian), which protects your account from all attempts from hacking. You need to decide 5 questions that you must remember or otherwise even you won’t be able to access your account

3. Change your email account (if you have your email as account name). The hackers will probably hack into your email too if they know your RS email, but if you have another email, the hackers have no idea what the email linked to your account is.

4. Set a bank-pin in-game. If the hackers somehow got into your account they will not be able to get to your bank. They will be able to cancel your pin but that will take three days and if you are an active RS player, you will probably notice.

5. If you need, you should choose a reliable and professional site to buy runescape 2007 gold.

How to Appeal for Banned Account?

If your ban is temporary you could play the account again once the ban has expired. Please see some steps below which may help you to appeal for temporary ban. But if the ban is permanent, Jagex generally does not lift permanent bans. Thus the only thing is to create another account.

1. Check to see if your account gets unbanned since it may be a technical glitch. But if it is still banned, check to see why. If Jagex states a reason for your ban, and you confirm that you didn’t do anything that states, you can still fight to get your account back.

2. Use the appeal system to ask for your account back. In your appeal, remember to be honest, keep it short, and use correct English. If you don’t, Jagex is less likely to listen. If your first appeal fails, write a second appeal and make sure you have a strong case. Once your final appeal is rejected, all you can do is to wait.

Please note that only yourself are responsible for the safety of your account. Thus, you must pay more attention to your account to confirm it is safe. To protect players’ account, gold4fans still devote to providing safe rs 07 gold and other items and welcome every player who needs any time.

Runescape Treasure Hunters Prismatastisch


Will ye not that your skill training yields little more EP ? Do you need a little help with a few skills that you have been pushed to the back burner ? Then this weekend, take a look in the chests at the Treasure Hunters – all lights and Starshards are prismatic and get 50 % more XP !
Prismatic items are not fixed on a specific skill. As soon as a lamp or a star splinter is in your possession , you decide what the EP will be used. The choice is yours !
But thats not all – in addition to their prismatic advantages offer all lamps and Starshards also 50% more EP ! Uses your prices innheralb the data given below , after the action they will only bring the usual amount EP .
All lamps and Starshards that her between Friday 7th March 00:00 GMT clock and Monday 10th March gaining clock 23:59 GMT , will be prismatic and yield 50% more EP . If you want to know when it is so far in your time zone , click here.
Each player receives daily at least one key and members get two . In the game you can you earn more. All information about the treasure hunters can be found in the wiki.
Also, you can buy here on key redeem Bonds in the game or in the treasure hunters interface , Buy button .